A little About Our Association

Within the City of Red Deer, Woodlea is the area South of 55th Street (including the south side of 55th Street), East of Waskasoo Creek, North of Ross Street and West of Woodlea Park and the escarpment.

At our first community gathering, residents said they wanted to form an organized group, to have a unified voice, to have the ability to communicate and share information and, of course, to have more get-togethers.

There were many comments and suggestions around preserving the historical and natural integrity of the neighbourhood and much discussion about planning and development, keeping the area safe and crime free, and lots of interest in events.

The Woodlea Community Association was formally established in late 2014 to “provide a forum to build and enhance community, share resources and be an influential voice and advocate on behalf of the Woodlea community.”



Send your ideas, share your photos and/or your news to info@woodlea.ca, and connect with your neighbours

Become a Member

Purchasing a membership means you have officially added your household’s voice to the growing number of your neighbours who are committed to improving the quality of life in Woodlea.

A Woodlea Community Association Membership

  • ensures that you receive email notices, newsletters and invitations to community events
  • supports the activities of the association, including community events, the website and social media
  • encourages you to learn about your neighbourhood and stay informed about what’s happening
  • keeps you in the know about the events and activities of your association
  • increases the impact of the association by increasing the number of households it represents
  • allows you to serve as a Board of Directors or committee member
  • is a way to show that you are a proud resident of Woodlea who cares about your community 


Look here for listings of Volunteer opportunities.

Have a great idea? Want to form a committee to work on a project? Contact us!

Join a Committee

Planning & Development

We have a choice:  be reactive or proactive about change in our neighbourhood.

Change is inevitable. Best that we get out in front of that change and work to define what we envision for our neighbourhood. The Planning & Development committee is your voice.

Safety & Crime Prevention

This committee works with the community and the City to address concerns and maximize our voice. Last year, the committee carried out a safety audit, and is working on the recommendations. Currently, this committee has no Chair – please volunteer!

Community Events

We will have three social events each year, coupled with a short meeting to update everyone on current news. We are trying to have these get togethers fall, winter and spring.

We’d really like to have larger, whole neighbourhood events, but need help with that. IF you’re interested, please contact Sheila.

Looking to Volunteer?

Looking to volunteer? Great! Use the form on our contact page!